• Warwick Quad IV (made in Germany)
  • Warwick Quad IV (made in Germany)


Hybrid Bass head.

Power 400W / 4Ohm min.

Tubes: EL84 and 12AX7.

4 independent preamp settings.

Q1 and Q2 - Clean tones solid state preamps.. 

Q3 and Q4 are EL84 transformer based t full valve preamps.-

Contour, Bass, Mid1 and Mid2 with Mid shift switches, Lo and Hi boost filters characterictics change depending on Preamp setting Q1-Q4.

Quick Mute.

Phones output.

DI outputs.

Effects Loop. iwth Mix pot.

2U rackmoutable chassis.

Speak-On and XLR speaker output.

Warwick Quad IV (made in Germany)

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Warwick Quad IV

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Warwick Quad IV (made in Germany)