• Warwick Pro Tube IX (made in Germany)
  • Warwick Pro Tube IX (made in Germany)

The PRO TUBE IX is armed with a 2x450 watt power stage capable of delivering mind-blowing sound. Channel 1 has a unique two tube preamp featuring a 12AX7 paired with an EL84 power tube. The input to the power amp(s) is switch selectable from just the 12AX7 or the 12AX7 PLUS the EL84 for that unmistakable power tube distortion. The Crunch control takes you from ultra-clean maximum headroom to a juicy tube overdrive

A group of three position switches shape the low, mid, and high characteristics of the sound. A contour switch applies a Warwick voiced, "smile" curve. The second channel of the PRO TUBE IX amp head is all solid state with a switchable limiter and enough bands of graphic EQ to dial in the perfect sound in any room. Its dual power amps can be operated in mono fullrange, stereo fullrange, mono biamp and stereo biamp modes, with both cross-over frequency and balance fully adjustable on the rear panel.

Dual channel amp head, 2x450 watts RMS into 4 ohms, MOSFET, 19", 3U. Extremely low-noise input section with gain control.

Channel 1:

dual tube preamp with 3-way switches for low, mid and high boost/flat/cut; parametric tone filter sets frequency for mid boost/cut and high cut.

Contour switch. Crunch control sets input gain for tube section. 2nd stage switch selects between tube preamp and all-tube amp sounds by switching the power tube on and off.

Channel 2:

solid-state with switches for low and high boost, 10-band graphic EQ.

Switchable limiter.



  • Master section with separate output level controls, overload LED.
  • Separate master control.
  • Phone jack and mute switch.
  • Rear panel: groundlift switch, tuner out, serial mono loop, parallel stereo effects loop with low cut switch, line outs L/R (post master), footswitch channel select, Biamp switch with crossover frequency control, mono/stereo switch. DI outs L/R with pre/post switch. Line outs L/R (post-master) parallel to speaker outs with balance control, line outs high left and right for biamp-stereo-mode with balance control.
  • Speaker out: 2 XLR, 2 high current speaker connector compatible with Switchcraft HPC & similar connectors.
  • Fan cooling (non-permanent).
  • Protections: short-circuit, HF oscillation, overheating, DC.
  • Weight: 22.3 kg
  • Depth: 455 mm

Warwick Pro Tube IX (made in Germany)

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Warwick Pro Tube IX

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Warwick Pro Tube IX (made in Germany)