• Gewa Basic Line Laminated Double Bass
  • Gewa Basic Line Laminated Double Bass

This is our more affordable upright bass and we believe that it offers a great value for money. We have searched the market for affordable double basses and fankly this is the cheapest one we have found that will allow you to start learning how to play plus of course you can use it for a long time. All the other basses we've tested bellow this price range just had too many compromises in terms of playability and sound. On the other hand we've found basses costing almost twice as much as this one that were simply not as good.

This is not just a great starter upright bass but also a great second instrument. Don't want to take your valued solid carved top German or Italian bass on the road? We understand. Use one like this and you'll get great results.

Acoustically it has a beefy tone that's not lacking in low end and has a nice presence too. The curved back helps with projection too. Like all laminted instruments, it is not a great choice for arco playing but for all other styles it really sounds nice. Of course you can use a bow but if you are really into it then you might choose one of our hybrid or even all solid double basses.

Laminated basses tend to just work better when you use a pickup to amplify them as they will feedback less than solid top instruments so again this is a great choice if you are going to amplify it regularly. We offer a wide selection of pickups. Feel free to ask if you don't know what pickup to choose.

Unlike some other cheap basses, this one actually has an ebony fingerboard which I think is vital to withstand with the wear from steel strings. Endpin and machineheads work flawlessly.

If comes with standard steel strings. We can easily upgrade them to your favourite set depending if you are going to play classical, jazz, folk or Rockabilly style. Just ask for advice and pricing on different sets of strings.

It comes with no bag or bow but you'll find them in our Double Bass Accesories section: https://www.doctorbass.net/en/c/?idsec=1005171498


Important note: we order all Gewa Double Basses with a pro setup that is performed by Gewa's luthiers in Germany. This ensures perfect playability out of the box. This really makes a difference as there's nothing more furstrating than buying a new upright bass and find out you have to take to a luthier and spend a lot of money on the setup.

Made in China, checked and setup in Germany



Gewa Basic Line Laminated Double Bass

Shape: Gamba
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Maple
Back type: Curved
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: Maple
Strings: Steel
Scale: 3/4
Lenght of vibrating string: 104.5cm
Other: No bow or bag included
Machineheads: Tyrolean style
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Gewa Basic Line Laminated Double Bass