• Stentor Rockabilly Bass (w/ Rotosound Nylon strings)
  • Stentor Rockabilly Bass (w/ Rotosound Nylon strings)

Stentor Rockabilly bass.

We love Rockabilly upright basses. This is the most affordable we've found but it is really great for the price.

It is of course an all laminated instrument which is the perfect choice for travelling, touring, gigging and heavy use. It will withstand the rigours o the road far better than a solid or hybrid instrument plus it wont' feedback half as much when amplified.

We love the sparkle black finish, ebony fingerboard and gold machineheads.  It is a really classy instrument.

We got it with standard steel strings but we have upgraded them to the far superior Rotosound RS4000 nylon strings. Not only are these better but they are also more appropiate for slap technique due to the low tension. Of course these strings are also perfect for Jazz as well as Folk, Bluegrass, etc. Not suitable for arco though.

Other strings are possible depending on your preferences. Just ask for advice and quote.

Acoustically it has a solid low end with not much treble. Of course when you slap you get the real Rockabilly sound.

The curved back helps with projection too.

 Laminated basses tend to just work better when you use a pickup to amplify them as they will feedback less than solid top instruments so again this is a great choice if you are going to amplify it regularly. We offer a wide selection of pickups. Our favourite are:

David Gage The Realist: easy to intall, great sound with no effort, excellent feedback rejection: https://www.doctorbass.net/en/c/?iddoc=1005173354&idsec=4

Shadow Rockabilly System: two pickups (bridge piezo for the main sound and fingerboard stick-on for the slap sound) plus 2 channel preamp to blend both signals: https://www.doctorbass.net/en/c/?iddoc=1005173903&idsec=1005171501


It comes with no bag or bow but you'll find them in our Double Bass Accesories section: https://www.doctorbass.net/en/c/?idsec=1005171498

Made in China.






Stentor Rockabilly Bass (w/ Rotosound Nylon strings)

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Stentor Rockabilly Bass

Shape: Gamba
Top: Laminated Spruce
Back and sides: Laminated Maple
Back type: Curved
Fingerboard: Ebony
Bridge: Maple with adjusters
Strings: Rotosound RS4000
Scale: 3/4
Lenght of vibrating string: 103cm
Other: Finished in Black Sparkle
Machineheads: Tyriolean

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Stentor Rockabilly Bass (w/ Rotosound Nylon strings)