• Gewa Rockabilly Double Bass Special Setup (w/Rotosound Nylon strings)
  • Gewa Rockabilly Double Bass Special Setup (w/Rotosound Nylon strings)

We love when a brand release a product that is especially made for a particular style. This is the case with this cool Gewa Rockabilly Double Bass.

Great German slap monster Didi Beck (a true master of the style with books on the technique and an amazing carrer) was hired to help Gewa come up wth a Rockabilly Double Bass that would address many of the specific requirements of that music style and the demanding slap technique.

Of course a full laminated construction was chosen as this has proved to be the best option to withstand with the rigours of the road, extensive gigging, etc. Apart from that, laminated is the best option when you need to amplify your instrument as it will cope with feedback much better than a solid or hybrid instrument. Woods used are spruce for the top, maple for the back and sides as well as maple for the adjustable bridge. The fingerboardis of course made of ebony.

Apart from the striking and cool all black aesthetics, there are some rather special features that make this instrument unique:

1.- Wider end of the ebony fingerboard. This gives some extra room to make much easier to slap on the 1st string. It really works. We love it.

2.- Side dots: most classical and jazz players will never need reference dots but these are actually very handy when you are starting out. Also if you develop true Rockabilly stage attitude you might find yourself playing while you are climbing on the side of the bass or maybe you'll be laying on stage with your bass on top of you... Those reference dots really come in handy under such circumstances.

3.- Integrated Shadow Rockabilly System. This consists of a piezo pickup at the bridge for the main sound plus a contact pickup located at the back of the fingerboard for the "slap". Then there's a really well designed 2 channel preamp that lets you EQ and blend both signals perfetly. Yuo can send the mix to the P.A. or each pickup separately. A convenient tuner completes this cool package.

4.- Nylon Strings. This instrument comes by default with Pyramid Black Tape Nylon. While these are O.K., we change them and install our favourite set which is the Rotosound RS4000 Nylon. We really feel that this is a great upgrade both in terms of sound and feel. Please note: if you prefer we can keep the stock Pyramid Black Nylon strings (this will reduce the price of the bass by 250€)

Acoustically this instrument soundsfull and clear. With the Rotosound strings you get a simply perfet slap sound that is also great for Jazz, Folk. Bluegrass, etc. Unlike some other slap strings, Rotosonds have some sustain to them so you can use them on a lot of different styles. Please note that nylon strings cannot be bowed so if you want to play arco you should use other strings.

The instrument is sold with no gigbag but you can find a nice selection in our Double Bass Accessories section: https://www.doctorbass.net/en/c/?idsec=1005171498


Important note: we order all Gewa Double Basses with a pro setup that is performed by Gewa's luthiers in Germany. This ensures perfect playability out of the box. This really makes a difference as there's nothing more furstrating than buying a new upright bass and find out you have to take to a luthier and spend a lot of money on the setup.


Made in China. Designet, checked and setup in Germany




Gewa Rockabilly Double Bass Special Setup (w/Rotosound Nylon strings)

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Gewa Rockabilly Double Bass

Shape: Gamba
Top: Laminated Spruce
Back and sides: Laminated Maple
Back type: Curved
Fingerboard: Ebony with special shape to make slapping more comfortable
Bridge: Maple with ajusters
Strings: Rotosound RS4000 Nylon
Scale: 3/4
Lenght of vibrating string: 105cm
Accessories: Shadow Rockabilly 2 channel preamp + 2 pickups (bridge and fingerboard)
Other: Wide end of fingerboard or slap style. Side dots
Machineheads: Tyriolean
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2.350,00 €

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Gewa Rockabilly Double Bass Special Setup (w/Rotosound Nylon strings)