Eden have making some of the best bass amps for years. This is theaffordable and lightweight Traveler 550 model, and it pumps out 700W @ 2 Ohms.  The ultra sensitive semiparametric 4 band EQ lets you dial in YOUR exact sound. 2 band shelving Hi and Lo controls as well as Eden's trademark Enhance filter complete the package. Don't miss this chance to get one of the best amps in the world for a great price. 1 piece only.

Eden Traveler 550

Power: 700/500/300 (2, 4, 8 Ohms)
Min Impedance: 2 Ohms
Preamp: Tube
EQ: 3 semiparametric Bands plus Shelving Bass & Treble
Other controls: Variable Enhancer circuit
DI: Yes, Balanced, Pre-Post EQ
Weight: 8,5kg, 10 lbs
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Eden Traveler 550