Blen, detalles -
Blen, detalles

Chris Larkin Blen

As you probably know, Chris Larkin is one of out favourite luthiers, and of course also a good friend.

Chris' instruments are always very special, and the woodwork is simply perfect.

Apart from the range of Larkin electric basses such as the Reacter & Single Cut, Chris has been building a very special EUB (Electric Upright Bass) for years, named The Blen in honour to the great Irish bassist James Blennerhassett. Chris took James' upright and copied the exact dimensions of the neck, fingerboard radius, etc., in order to come up with an EUB that would give the double bass player a true feeling of being playing a standard 3/4 acoustic.

The instrument can be left n a cymbal stand, but you can also play without it, using a smart body rest that mimics the exact position of a double bass body.

The adjustable bridge houses a transparent sounding Highlander pickup that tuns through a 2 band EBS preamp. It is easy to dial in a woody tone that sounds remarkably close to the original instrument. The strings are Thiomastick Spirocore Weich (low tension).

This bass comes with a padded gig bag with separate pouch for the body rest.

Blen (Chris Larkin)


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