Pedulla Rapture Soapbar 5 (used)

Michael Pedulla has been building no compromise basses for 33 years now. Pedulla basses are a perfect mix of elegant looks and great sound, plus they are easy to play, so you don't have to fight against your instrument to get the best results.

The Rapture is Pedulla's version of a true classic bass, but with a modern twist.

With a soft maple body and a maple neck, this is a lightweight and responsive instrument. The neck has a slim profile to it so it feels great under your hand.

As with all Pedulla basses, there's something about the low B that is almos impossible to get in other basses. First of all, the lowest notes are loud and clear, but the real surprise comes when you start to play up the neck: the notes keep their pitch and fundamental past the 12th "fret", so instead of a muddy thump you actually get notes you can use. Even better: this is achieved in a regular 34" scale bass. Shouldn't all 5 string basses be just like this?

The special Bartolini USA pickup and preamp are especially made for this bass. The soapbar is located at the sweet spot, which means it can translate what the strings are doing effectively.

The 2 band preamp is as good as they get: deep lows that never become muddy, and detailed highs that never become harsh. Even with the treble control full up there's zero noise. But there's more: a miniswitch engages a low-mid boost, and this makes the sound growl like no other.

This bass is used and has several scratches and dings in the body and a few in the neck (which do not affect playability). Before including it in our website for it to be sold, we have made the following set up:

- New Pedulla bridge

- Pedulla strings

- Full set up (truss rod, intonation, electronics)

- New screws for the pickguard

Pedulla Rapture Soapbar 5

Pedulla Rapture Soapbar 5

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