Here's a really affordable EUB (Electric Upright Bass) that is just surprising for the price.

Palatino have made an effort to offer a bass that allows you to switch from acoustic to electric double bass with the minimum hassle.

Despite the low price, only the best materials have been chosen to build this instrument: maple for sides and back, solid spruce top, rock maple for the neck, and ebony for the fingerboard.

Neck dimensions are just the same as found on an acoustic, so the feel and body reference are remarkably close to the original. You can even "dig in" on this one.

The simple yet effective piezo is controlled by one Master Volume and Tone controls. The Tone itself manages to offer a variety of useable tones. There's even a headphone output at the back.

When you are ready to gig, just remove the side bar, fold the endpin and put the instrument inside its gigbag (included).

You can buy this bass with the stock strings, or upgrade it with Thomastiks or Rotosound Nylon (great classic ron Carter type of sound, and low tension).



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