Bassline Viper detrás -
Bassline Viper detrás

Bassline basses have been made for 15 years in Germany by luthier Rüdiger Ziesemann. From the Bassline shop in Krefeld come out some of the most special, imaginative and well made basses in the market today. Rüdiger combines centuries old craftmanship with the latest tools and CNC machines to produce the fabulous instruments that he creates in his mind. 

This is a Viper Acoustic model. The idea is to offer bassplayers a true hybrid instrument with great acoustic and electric tones.

The Dibetou body has special routings and a spruce top (that looks similar to the pickguard of a Musicman bass), so there's always an acoustic quality to this instrument regardless where you set the controls at.

Acoustically, this is one of the loudest electric basses we've ever tried (loud enough to practice without an amp at home).

Three pieces of hard rock maple are used for the neck, and the fingerboard is made of ebony and comes with fretlines to help you play in tune.

This bass proves that when things are well done, less is more. In this case, there are only 3 pots working as: Volume, Balance (Magnetic/piezo) and Tone. The miniswitch allows you to split the magnetic Häussel pickup so you get these sounds:

Single Coil
Both coils in Parallel
Both Coils in Series

The piezo unit is an amazing Schertler Bluesitck microphonic pickup, and is located under the wooden bridge.

The bridge itself is a very intelligent design, as there are individual adjustable metal saddles for each string.

Sounds: the magnetic has a wonderful semihollow tone that is warm, deep and also inspiring. The piezo is without a doubt one of the most sonically balanced systems we've ever tried (there's none of that typical piezo harshness that you've probably experienced in other basses).

In case you need some more reasons to buy the bass, we have one more: it is very light (thanks to the routings in the body) so you can use it in long sessions (your back will than you).

You can order this bass now, or you can contact us to help you design your perfect Bassline bass (lots of options available). 

2690€, IVA Incluido

2690€, IVA Incluido

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