Bassline Buster Custom detrás -
Bassline Buster Custom detrás

Bassline basses have been made for 15 years in Germany by luthier Rüdiger Ziesemann. From the Bassline shop in Krefeld come out some of the most special, imaginative and well made basses in the market today. Rüdiger combines centuries old craftmanship with the latest tools and CNC machines to produce the fabulous instruments that he creates in his mind. 

This model is a Buster Art; the first Bassline ever made was a Buster, so the basic design of this bass goes back 15 years. This design has proven to be very well balanced and accepted by the players, so it is here to stay.

This is a player's bass. The bass fits like a glove in your hands. Access to the 24th fret is a breeze, and the neck is really positive feeling and easy to play.

The mahogany body is topped with a jaw dropping piece of spalted maple, and the back (see pic bellow) is a nice piece of sycamore. This bass looks gorgeous inside out.

The neck is a 7 piece laminate made of hard rock maple with purple heart stringers, and has a maple board. The bass is thoroughly finished in High Gloss, making those beautiful woods look even better. The lacquer also makes the bass bright sounding (in a good way) and responsive.

2 "Bassbuckers" made by the amazing Häussel (Germany's top name in custom made pickups) are wired to an active/passive Noll TCM-4 preamp, one of the few in the market with 4 bands of (extremely musical) EQ: Bass Low-Mid, High-Mid and Treble. This clever system is more straightforward than your usual semiparametric Mid, and gives you extra control in a way that is easy to use and effective.

This bass is also available in 4, 6 and 7 string versions, as well as fretless.

You can order this bass now, or you can contact us to help you design your perfect Bassline bass (lots of options available).

Bassline Buster Art 5

Bassline Buster Art 5

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