Squier has just released three basses that just nail a particular instrument or era. There's a 70's Jazz Bass, a white Precision and this no pickguard sunburst fretless Jazz Bass.


Sid Vicius (The Sex Pistols), Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius

Whether you were looking for a right looking fretless or just want to start on fretless, don't miss this chance to get this affordable bass. Extensive gigging and stage abuse recommended in order to get that great Jaco worn out bass look!

Squier wanted to pay tribute to several classic basses (hence the "vintage" nickname ), and at the same time admit that many players immediately upgrade budget basses' electronics with upper market options, and has chosen Duncan Designed pickups (hence the "modified" adjective).

Click here to read a Bass Player Magazine review on these basses.

From Squier's website:

Disciples of groove will severely dig Squier’s elegantly slinky new Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Fretless, which fuses the warm, expressive voice of an upright with the defined attack of an electric.

The no-pickguard, Three-color Sunburst finish is a classic, and the lightweight agathis body is home to a pair of single-coil Duncan Designed™ Jazz Bass pickups. The special one-piece maple neck has a fretless Ebonol fingerboard with white celluloid lines that let you know where you’re at! Other features include a four-saddle chrome bridge, and chrome hardware and machine heads.

Squier Vintage modified Jazz Bass, fretless

Squier Vintage modified Jazz Bass, fretless

Enlace web http://www.squierguitars.com/


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