Bass/ Bass-Cello -
Bass/ Bass-Cello

For more than 30 years, Ned Steinberger has been designing and building some of the most ground breaking instruments in the world.

Here's a new example of his work: the NS Bass/Cello

The idea was to create an instrument that would combine the range of the bass & cello in a single instrument that would sound great either pizz or bowed.

This instrument is so versatile that we have decided to include it in several sections: Double Basses, 5 string, acoustic...

The 34" scale will feel instantly familiar to bass players.

The sound is full and deep, with that nice NS trademark sustain and definition.

Price includes the tripod stand and a great quality gig bag.

ou can see a picture comparing the size of this instrument and the regular NS Bass.

The choice is yours.

NS Design Bass/Cello

NS Design Bass/Cello

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