Roger Sadowsky has devoted most of his life to creat and improve several musical instruments. One of his highlights are his basses that are based on classic bolt on designs but with some added ingredients that produce some of the most sought after instruments in the world.

Some of the specs that make these basses so special are: classic tone, hum-free pickups, perfect finish and fretwork which allows for ultra low action and above all the Internal Preamp with 2 band EQ (boost only) plus Passive Tone

When you first grab a Sadowsky you can feel how clean and perfect everything is about these basses. These are working bassists instruments and deliver a clean and strong signal that's 100% noise free (your soundman will love you), play like a dream, are feather light and are incredibly easy to set up.

There are plenty of active basses in the market, but few deliver a true classic tone, and this is where the Sadowsky bass is a winner. This bass produces some solid sounds that you can relate to immediately. In passive mode using the Vintage Tone Control (VTC) you can nail an old school J Bass tone, but switch to active and you will be rewarded with a most satisfying low end punch that's just addictive. This is not one of those cases where you are surprised by a nice sound at the shop only to find that in real life it doesn't work for you. Just the opposite. It is an all round solid tone that will have you covered no matter if you play Rock, Pop, Jazz, Soul Funk, Reggae, etc.

Something Sadowsky basses always excel at is their ability to switch from a great fingerstyle tone to a monster slap sound just using your fingers, no need to touch anythng. Amazing. 

Metro series basses are handmade in Japan by a small number of crafstmen who have worked closely with Roger Sadowsky for a long time. Playability, sound and overall quality are just the same as NYC basses but you avoid the long build up wait and also save some nice money.

This is the MV4-24 model, meaning it belongs in the Standard Series (pickguard), has a maple board and for the first time also, 24 frets. Sadowsky hum cancelling Single Coil pickups are used and they are placed at the standard Jazz locations, meaning you get a traditional tone but with the added benefit of 24 frets and noise free operation. Cool!


Sadowsky Metro MV4-24 TBK

Body: Alder
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Maple
Construction: Bolt On
Frets: 24
Pickups: Sadowsky Single Coil Hum Cancelling
Electronics: Active-Passive Sadowsky
Controls: Volume, Balance, Tone, 2 Band EQ (boost only)
Weight: 4.15kg
Neck width at nut (mm): 39
String spacing at the bridge (mm): 20
Scale (inches): 34
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Sadowsky Metro MV4-24 TBK