• Godin Shifter Classic 4 Vintage Burst Flame MN
  • Godin Shifter Classic 4 Vintage Burst Flame MN

 100% made in Canada Bass with an incredibly low price tag. Amazing value for money!

For the price of a Mexican-Korean-Chinese made bass you get a professional instrument that looks great, plays like butter and sounds really classic and solid. We are really surprised by this series of basses.

With a seismic rock-solid tone and style, and featuring a solid Canadian Laurentian basswood body, the Shifter Classic 4 Vintage Burst MN (Maple Neck) is a light and gig-friendly bass. It comes loaded with powerful Godin Passive PJ pickups, controlled by 1x volume, 1x tone, and a 4-way selector switch.

You get a vintage P sound using the neck pickup, a very defined (and full) Jazz Bass sound using the bridge unit plus the cool PJ sound that is slightlier hollow and modern when you blend both pickups in paralle. But there's more: there's an extra Series mode that combines both pickups but with a darker/fuller sound that will drive a band like nobody's business. Cool.

Best bass in it's price range by far. You could spend twice as much on a similar US made bass and you wouldn't get this quality. We are amazed!


Godin Shifter Classic 4 Vintage Burst Flame MN

Disponibilidad: green

Cuerpo: Tilo laurentiano canadiense
Tapa: Arce flameado
Mástil: Arce
Diapasón: Arce
Construcción: Atornillado
Trastes: 20
Pastillas: Godin passive ceramic P-J pickups
Electrónica: Pasiva
Controles: Volumen, Tono, Selector 4 posiciones (Puente, Mástil, Ambas en Paralelo o en Serie)
Peso: 4.15kg
Anchura Traste 1 (mm): 39
Separación de cuerdas en el puente (mm): 19
Escala (pulgadas): 34
Otros: Made in Canada. Incluye funda
Nuestro precio €
1.400,00 €

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Godin Shifter Classic 4 Vintage Burst Flame MN