• Warwick Tube Path 5.1 (made in Germany)
  • Warwick Tube Path 5.1 (made in Germany)

Specifications TubePath 5.1

Cabezal profesional con previo a válviulas y por tanto una gran calidez y variedad de sonidos. Ofrece 500W que parecen sonar bastante más gracias a la tecnología  híbrida, transformadores toroidales, etc. Apto para escenarios grandes.




  • Bass top with 500 Watt, 4 ohms, 19"/2HE
  • Tube pre-amp with hybrid power-amp, connectable second stage
  • Gain controller with overload LED
  • Controllable contour with "rough/smooth"-switch for different characteristics
  • Connectable lo- and hi-boost
  • 4-band EQ with 2 x 2-fold switchable mid frequencies
  • Parallel FX-loop
  • DI out with pre/post and ground-lift, tuner out, line out
  • Foot-switch connector for second stage on/off and contour on/off
  • Weight: 16 kg
  • Dimensions (W/H/D): 19" x 2HE x 37 cm (41 cm incl. Rack-Bail)
  • Made in Germany

Warwick Tube Path 5.1 (made in Germany)

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Warwick Tube Path 5.1

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Warwick Tube Path 5.1 (made in Germany)