• Fender LTD American Professional PJ MN Rstnk Daphne Blue
  • Fender LTD American Professional PJ MN Rstnk Daphne Blue


This is a LIMITED EDITION bass and it features a roasted maple neck, PJ pickups and Daphne Blue color. The rest of the specs and features are the same as the rest of the American Professional Precision series.









Bass—it's where rhythm meets melody, creating a righteous groove that forces you to move with it. Without the Fender Precision Bass, the original electric bass, dance floors everywhere would be empty. As music evolves, our instruments change in lockstep; the end result is today's version of this seminal instrument—the American Professional Precision Bass.


  • Single Michael Bump-designed V-Mod split-coil Precision Bass pickup
  • ’63 P Bass neck profile
  • Bone nut; 20 narrow-tall frets for familiar playing feel
  • HiMass™ Vintage bridge for increased sustain
  • Fluted-shaft tuning machines; Posiflex graphite rods for neck reinforcement
  • Includes Elite Molded hardshell case
  • V-Mod Pickups

    V-Mod Precision Bass pickups are modified versions of our classic vintage pickup designs. Packed with the fundamental Fender bass sound you know and love, these split-coil pickups use alnico 5 magnets on the treble side and alnico 2 on the bass side to deliver classic tone with all the vintage warmth and crisp, clear sound that made Fender a legend.

    ’63 P Bass® Neck Profile

    Considered by many to be the gold standard of bass neck profiles, American Professional Precision Bass guitars use the ‘63 P Bass® neck profile. The satin finish on the back of the neck provides a smooth fret-hand feel.

    Narrow-Tall Frets

    Narrow-tall frets are taller and narrower than their medium jumbo cousins, making them especially effective for bending notes and playing chords up the neck with perfect intonation.

    New Fluted-Shaft Tuning Machines

    Wider at the top than the bottom, the fluted shafts force the string windings downward and keep them tight, resulting in a sharper and consistent break angle over the nut, creating increased sustain and better tuning stability.

    Posiflex™ Graphite Rods

    All American Professional bass necks incorporate Posiflex graphite rods to reinforce against movement that can occur with fluctuations the environment. Embedded beneath the fingerboard, they improve reliability on the road, in the studio or in your home.

    Bone Nut

    An original-era Fender design element, a bone nut contributes to superior tone and performance. Many players consider bone nuts to be more “organic” sounding.

Fender LTD American Professional PJ MN Rstnk Daphne Blue

Cuerpo: Aliso
Mástil: Arce "tostado"
Diapasón: Arce "tostado"
Construcción: Atornillado
Trastes: 20
Pastillas: V Mod Precision and Jazz Bass
Electrónica: Pasiva
Controles: Volumen + Tono x2 (concéntricos)
Peso: 4.2kg
Anchura Traste 1 (mm): 41.3
Separación de cuerdas en el puente (mm): 18
Escala (pulgadas): 34
Otros: Estuche incluido
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Fender LTD American Professional PJ MN Rstnk Daphne Blue