This bass is basically the same as the A4 in this same section, except this one has two cutaways, a handy wooden bar that acts as a thumb rest. Finished in High gloss black with gold hardware throughout, this bass is a tuxedo!

This is not just your regular big acoustic bass with a piezo. In this case, the slim body (great for stage use) has a floating cedar top that makes a difference in sound. The 3 band LRBaggs preamp can shape the sound into anything from an almost double bass sound to a tight Jaco stacatto tone and everything in between. Hard case included.

Godin Acousticaster Bass

Cuerpo: Arce, vaciado
Tapa: Abeto macizo
Mástil: Arce
Diapasón: Palosanto
Construcción: Atornillado
Trastes: 20
Pastillas: LR Baggs Piezo
Electrónica: Activa LR Baggs
Controles: Volumen EQ 3 bandas
Escala (pulgadas): 34"
Otros: Ex-demo
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Godin Acousticaster Bass