This is one of the brand new NXT WAV, made in the Czek Republic just liket he upper CR series.

Designed and built to deliver great sound, excellent playability, and long, dependable service, the WAV series provides an affordable option for the serious professional and student player.

At the heart of every NS bowed electric instrument is the multifaceted Polar™ pickup system. Developed for the original EU bass, the Polar pickup is really 2 pickups in one, allowing the player to select percussive and sustained modes. The pickup's unique ability to determine the polarity of the string enhances the bowed response to facilitate bow technique. The WAV 4 Bass is equipped with unusually powerful piezo crystals that do not require on-board battery power, for maintenance-free performance without the hassle of batteries.

The ebony fingerboard is graduated for each string to optimize the tone and playability of every note. The characteristic growl of the double bass speaks out easily up and down the fingerboard, with powerful bass definition and a singing upper register. The cascading dot pattern makes it easier to stay in tune at all times, even when it's hard to hear yourself in the mix.

The rock maple bridge is easily adjustable for the string style and action height you prefer. High and powerful like a traditional acoustic upright, low and fast like an electric bass, or anywhere in between, the truss rod adjusts the neck to maintain the ideal fingerboard relief for all styles of play for the life of the product.

Light gauge, solid core strings are standard, delivering rich tone with relatively light action. The dual anchor design allows the use of NS double bass strings and traditional acoustic strings.

A tripod stand is included with every bass. Lightweight and strong, the stand folds neatly for transport. Traditional end pin stand and full mobility shoulder strap systems are compatible.

The compact gig bag is fully padded for protection, yet it is small enough to fit in the overhead compartment on most flights.

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NS Design Wav NXT