Talk about versatility and top quality!

This model comes loaded with two Musicman type pickups that have been wired and built using the same materials and instructions as in early Musicman basses from the 70’s. This on its own puts this bass apart from the rest.

The onboard Noll 2 band preamp has been chosen to work as transparently as possible (just to add punch when needed, but changing the natural sound from the pickups as little as possible).

Each pickup has a 3 way miniswitch to select the coils. You get:


Double in Parallel

Double in Series

Here is where the good news continues: the parallel mode is pure early Musicman, with that nice punch and attack that many bassists seek. The series mode, as expected, puts out more power and midrange, but (dare we say it?) in a more musical manner than most Stingray 5’s. But there’s more: when you select the single coil, you get a great Precision or Jazz sound. As you know, when you turn a humbucker into single coil, it usually sounds just thinner and quieter, but is not very useable. In this bass, however, you get a great classic Jazz tone. There are 15 different coil combinations in total, all of them really useable (no thin sounds or funny experiments here), among these: classic Stingray, Musicman Sabre (old model with two humbuckers, discontinued), Precision, Jazz Bass and many more.

Controls are:





2 miniswitchs to select coils

As you can see, it is a bolt-on. The neck extends until the front pickup, so you get the attack of a bolt on and some of the sustain of a neck through.

Hardware is Schaller throughout, so top quality there.

The neck is not ultra thin, but also not too fat, just enough to give you a positive feeling under your hand.

Access to all 24 frets is easy, and the long upper horn balances the bass nicely when using a strap.

There are 4 & & string versions, apart from fretless.

Hardshell case included.

Windmill Windforce 5

Windmill Windforce 5

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