EBS have created a compact (2U) head that packs a lot of power (350 clean MOSFET watts) and all the classic EBS features (compressor, Bright & Character controls, and Drive) in a hassle free head 100% Solid State).

What you get is that great sound that EBS are famous for, but in a more affordable and easier to carry around amp.

Oh yes! Don't forget this is the amp that Marcus Miller is currently using, hooked to EBS 4x10" cabs

EBS HD350 Features:
• 9 Volt EBS Phantom Power System™.
• 100% Solid State Design.
• Compressor/Limiter.
• Powerful 4-band EQ.
• Tube emulated Drive control.
• Serial/Parallel Effects loop.
• Floating balanced XLR output.
• Built-in speaker simulator.
• Active Intelligent cooling system.
• 350W pure MOSFET power.



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