• Dingwall D Roc 5 Vintage Burst
  • Dingwall D Roc 5 Vintage Burst
Canadian luthier Sheldon Dingwall has been building amazing instruments since the early 90's and he was a true pioneer as he incorporated the Multiscale or Fanned Fret System that had been developed by Ralph Novak and that meant that every string on the instrument should have a different lenght depending on the pitch it should give when played open. The fact that every string has a different lenght of course means that the frets have to be installed in a "fanned" manner, hence the name.
Even if these basses look modern and rad, they are based on the same principle of old harps and pianos. The strings on a grand piano or harp vary in lenght depending on the note. This means that the lower the note, the longer the string must be. Even upright pianos feature a harp with different string lengths. The result of this is that the harmonic series from the strings is larger and the tone is therefore fuller. Pure physics.
This whole new series is made in China but use a lot of American and European components and this has allowed Dingwall to creat some instruments with their trademark tone and performance at extremely affordable prices. Final set up and inspection is done in the Dingwall shop in Canada so you know the basses will play great right out of the box.
Fortunately for you, no adjustment is needed to play this instrument. Actually they feel really easy to play and ergonomic. Your left hand simply falls into the notes without having to make any change in technique at all.
This is the D Roc model and it features an African mahogany body and 5 piece maple neck with pau ferro fretboard and it is a 100% passive instrument.  Color is really classic in this case. It is called Vintage Burst. and it is really cool because it reminds of a Thunderbird classic bass.
This instrument features 3 Dingwall FD-3N pickups with neodymium magnets that are powerful and smooth but with aggressive tone at the same time. They are completely noise free so they will behave just great both on stage and in the studio. The smart rotary switch offers 4 distinct positions for a lot of great tones. The raw sound of these pickups is just perfect if you really need to cut through the band. Also if you use some sort of external Overdrive or Distortion unit, these pickups will work incredibly well. Just use the Tone control if you need to back up a little bit or need a more traditional type of sound.
The Multiscale design means there's an evenness of tone and volume from string to string that is simply perfect.
 The Low B is of course phenomenal due to the increased lenght/tension, but the good news here is that this doesn't affect the other strings (many G strings feel too tight on long scale basses). There's an evenness of tone and volume from string to string that is simply perfect. Actually the extra tension means that you can play the low B gently and get more definition than when you play that string on a 34" or 35" bass with intensity. Also you can just hit it really hard and it will respond just nicely too. Cool
Bass and studio ace Lee Sklar suggested the use of small banjo type frets as these offer a less metallic tone and smoother glissandos/faster feel than jumbo frets.
Individual bridges and lightweight open tuners complete this beautiful bass. 

Dingwall D Roc 5 Vintage Burst

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Body: African mahogany
Neck: 5 piece Maple, Medium Thin C Shape
Fingerboard: Pau Ferro
Construction: Bolt On
Frets: 20 banjo type (small)
Pickups: FD-3n x3 Neodymium
Electronics: Passive
Controls: Volume, 4 way selector, Tone Pickup switching options are: Position 1 - Bridge (CCW) Position 2 - Bridge/Middle (Parallel) Position 3 - Middle Position 4 - Bridge/Middle/Neck (CW)
Weight: 4.25kg
Neck width at nut (mm): 45
String spacing at the bridge (mm): 18
Scale (inches): Multiscale: 34" through 37"
More: Top quality gigbag included. Hipshot lightweight tuners
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Dingwall D Roc 5 Vintage Burst