• Moses Graphite Custom Fretless 5
  • Moses Graphite Custom Fretless 5

Moses Carbon Graphite was started in 1979 by Steve Mosher; they have made carbon graphite musical instrument parts for companies like NS Design (Ned Steinberger), Fodera, Rainsong, Gibson, Breedlove, etc. . They are no longer making aftermarket guitar/bass necks, so they are getting harder to find. The Moses Graphite Bass Neck has an integrated graphite fingerboard, and a black, wear-resistant, non-sticky graphite finish. All Moses neck models feature 'fine tune' truss rod systems. Moses necks deliver excellent swell and sustain, a strong fundamental, and increased, even harmonics.

This bass was custom made by Gerald Marleaux but it is not a Marleaux bass guitar.

Apart from the Moses neck and the Hipshot string retainer which are all made in the USA, the rest of the bass is made in Germany.

We sent the Moses neck to him and he built the perfect body for this neck and installed his custom bridge and Schaller top of the line tuners and straplocks and Hipshot string retainer. We chose German made MEC electronics as these are a great choice for a bass like this. The pickup is a MEC alnico splittable humbucker that offers Single Mode, Series or Parallel. All 3 sounds are excellent. Then there's a Volume Pot, Passive Tone (that works in Passive mode) and stacked Bass & Treble when you use the bass in Active mode.

The result is a bass that looks great, plays amazing and sounds like a dream.

There's something really special about a graphite neck and phenolic fingerboard for fretless instruments. All the notes ring true and clear down to the low B. There's a very strong singing quality to the sound. You get excellent "mhaw" factor and the growl is simply amazing.

A Fretless bass for a lifetime that you can use regardless of the style of music you play.

Moses Graphite Custom Fretless 5

Body: Alder
Neck: Carbon Fiber
Fingerboard: Carbon Fiber
Construction: Bolt On
Frets: Fretless
Pickups: MEC Alnico, MM type
Electronics: MEC Active-Passive
Controls: Volume, Passive Tone, Bass & Treble, Single-Series-Parallel switch
Weight: 4.1kg
Neck width at nut (mm): 45
String spacing at the bridge (mm): 17
Scale (inches): 34
More: Marleaux bridge, Schaller tuners, gigbag included
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Moses Graphite Custom Fretless 5