• Egilegor Adarbakar Multiscale Headless 5 string
  • Egilegor Adarbakar Multiscale Headless 5 string

This is a new bass from luthier Imanol Egilegor who is based in Okamika, Vizcaya.

We've been selling Egilegor basses for some time and we are happy to report that these basses are better than ever.

This model is named Adarbakar (meaning single cutaway) 5 string, 24 fret, multiscale, headless.

The body is made from  ash and the neck is an unbelievable 7 piece, meaning it is super stable. For the fingerboard, a really nice piece of wenge is used and there are side dots at the edge of the fingerboard.

Regarding electronics, Imanol builds his own pickups in house and the truth is they sound terrific.

In this case this bass comes with a set of neodynium splittable humbuckers. There are two pickups but these are housed in a ramp (in matching eucaliptus). The ramp is a great idea as it makes several techniques easier such as using the thumb and 2-3 fingers.

You get 100% noise free operation and a very full and clear sound. Each pickup produces a very distinct type of sound and the blend of both is perfect. There are two switches for each pickup: one is Single-Humbucker mode and the other lets you put the Single Coils in phase or out of phase. In practice this means you get as ton of cool sounds including some meat and potatos ones as well as some more unusual and experimental ones. Cool.

But wait, there's more: electronics are Delano Sonar 3 so you get 3 bands of EQ to experiment even more. There's also passive mode in case you don't need the EQ.

We love the multiscale system as it means that each string has the right length for the open note. Hence the 1st string is 31.89" and the 5th string is 35.43". Just perfect!

We also love the headless design as this means you can use a guitar bag and carry this bass easily.

To sum up: a luthier bass made with some amazing tonewoods, great hardware, top electronics and has the advantage of both the multiscale system and the headless system. Amazing value for money.


Egilegor Adarbakar Multiscale Headless 5 string

Body: Ash
Top: Flamed Eucaliptus
Neck: 7 piece: maple, ash, wenge and flamed Eucaliptus
Fingerboard: Wenge
Construction: Bolt On
Frets: 20
Pickups: Egiletor Neodymium humbucker x2
Electronics: Active-Passive Delano Sonar 3
Controls: Volume, Balance, 3 band EQ, Passive Tone, Switch for Single-Humbucker-Single and another one for Series-Parallel
Weight: 4.15kg
Neck width at nut (mm): 41
String spacing at the bridge (mm): 18
Scale (inches): Multiscale (31.89" to 35.43")
More: Hardcase and strap included
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Egilegor Adarbakar Multiscale Headless 5 string