• Vigier Arpege Series 4 Natural Maple (B-Stock)
  • Vigier Arpege Series 4 Natural Maple (B-Stock)

100% handmade bass in France at Patrice Vigier's shop.

Ever since Vigier started building instruments in the 80's his goal to produce the most comfortable, easy to play and best sounding instruments in the world.

This is the Arpege  model and it belongs in the Series IV of these instruments meaning it is the most advanced made to this date.

This bass sports two Vigier pickups and these are really unique. You get a full bodied tone that is also incredibly clean and clear. It's the type of sound that really helps you play just about any technique on it.

Electronics are also really cool as apart from the usual Volume & Tone you get 3 band EQ for each pickup. Now, this is unusual but we love it. How many times have you wanted to boost the Lows when soloing the bridge pickup only to find that such bass boost is not so good when you use the neck pickup or both at the same time? Well, here you can just dial the exact sound you want and need from each pickup. How cool is that?

The narrow nut (just 39mm wide) and slightly short scale (33.8") make this one of the easiest basses to play while keeping all the punch. Great.

All Vigier basses have very comfortable necks and this is no exception.

Vigier doesn't use a truss rod. Instead, they make their necks with a combination of wood and graphite called 90/10 (90% wood, 10% graphite) and this makes for exceptionally stable necks that have a natural relief that play like a dream. Sure, you can't adjust this but neither can you on a double bass and when the fingerboard curve is perfectly made you just don't miss a truss rod. Same thing here. Also Patrice Vigier believes that installing a truss rod on a bass is not a good idea as all the wood you remove to make the truss rod channel really makes the neck weak.

B Stock bass with some minor dings (not important). Hence the discount.

Vigier Arpege Series 4 Natural Maple (B-Stock)

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Vigier Arpege Series 4 Natural Maple

Body: Flamed maple / alder / flamed maple naturally aged
Top: Flamed maple
Neck: Maple, dried for 3 years
Fingerboard: Phenowood, 300mm / 11.81 "
Construction: Bolt On
Frets: 24, Stainless Steel frets, longer lasting Medium size
Pickups: Vigier Single, twin coil in line x2
Electronics: Vigier Active
Controls: Volumen, Balance, 3 band EQ for each pickup (separate)
Weight: 4 kg
Neck width at nut (mm): 39
String spacing at the bridge (mm): 18
Scale (inches): 860mm / 33.8 "
More: Premium Ritter gigbag included (used). Hipshot D Tuner installed

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Vigier Arpege Series 4 Natural Maple (B-Stock)