Ned Steinberger is one of those names who really doesn’t need introduction when it comes to musical instrument design. He’s been actively leading the way in terms of new concepts in this business since the mid 70’s in the last century.
Through the last 5 decades he has developed a lot of new concepts that we consider standard today. For instance he was responsible for the developing of the first ever Spector bass back in 1977, the Spector NS bass, made along with Stuart Spector. He created his own company Steinberger Instruments and developed some radical ideas such as the use of carbon fiber for musical instruments and headless designs to reduce neck diving and improving tuning stability. He has teamed with Emmet Chapman to develop the NS Stick and created the successful “The Realist” upright bass. Ned sold his Steinberger Instruments company back in 1986 and in 1990 he created NS Design with a very specific goal: create 21st century bowed electric instruments with a unique approach,
In Ned’s own words,  “Bowed electric instruments have been made since the mid-thirties. Unfortunately, most of these instruments are the victims of the misplaced idea that an electric instrument should sound exactly like its acoustic predecessor. I want to take it a step further, I want to see what these instruments can do when they are set free.” This radical new approach has made that many musicians looking for their own voice on the instrument have chosen NS Design instruments as part of their tools. Of course they can also be used as standard electric bowed instruments for silent practice and ease of amplification, but that’s only part of the story.
NS Design are based in Nobleboro, Maine (USA). Most instruments are actually made at the NBE factory in the Czech Republic. This small factory combines old school lutherie with state of the art methods for building musical instruments and have a long experience doing so. We really thing that some of the finest instruments made in Europe are currently coming out of this factory. It’s there that CR and NXT series of instruments are made. The cost effective WAV instruments are now made in India and this is a big improvement over previous models made in China. What’s more, all the instruments bearing the NS Design brand are carefully inspected and set up at the NBE facilities in the Czech Republic. This means that all the instruments that leave the factory are absolutely perfect regardless of where they have been made.
This is the NS Design WAV4c Double Bass model. It is made in India and it represents the more affordable range below the top of the line CR Series and the mid priced NXT
It is a 3/4 Electric Upright bass and has the following specs:
- Unlike all other EUB’s, there’s no neck joint here. Instead, it is a continuos neck that starts at the headstock and extends right until after the bridge. This adds a lot of sustain  and this is one of the biggest differences with an acoustic or most other electric uprights.
- This design allows for unrestricted access to the upper zone of the fingerboard.  Of course you can also use standard thumb technique (capodastro) or just keep the thumb behind the neck like as if you were playing an electric bass. 
- Patented Polar pickup system that senses the vibration of the strings both in horizontal and vertical modes. This is essential to get a good pizzicato and arco sound.
- Position dots on the ebony fingerboard make tuning and shifts much easier. 
- We love flamed maple top in amberburst gloss
- Stock strings are especially made for EUB. These are thinner than standard upright strings and have a bright sound with lots of sustain. Depending on your preferences and styles you can of course install just about any sort of standard upright bass strings. Also if you play Latin, Americana or need a deep sound with short sustain you can simply put a piece of foam under the strings next to the bridge and you’ll get that thick sound with fast decay. Cool.

- The included tripod stand allows the bass to stand on its own rather than having to use your left hand and leg as supports. You can even set the bass almost horizontal on its stand and play it like a standard bass guitar. Possibilities are endless. 

- Of course the electronics are very well thought. This is an all passive instrument but the signal is strong and completely noise free. Controls are Volume, Tone and Mode switch: Pizz mode is great for a solid all round sound with a nice sustain to it, and Arco for the best bowed sound in the market. 

If you have never played double bass, this is a good chance to start on a top quality instrument that will simply put things easier for you, but don’t thing about this bass just as a substitute or alternative to an acoustic bass. That’s just part of the story. The real treat comes when you start to do things you wouldn’t normally be able to do on an acoustic bass due to the instrument’s sheer limitations when it comes to amplifying it. 

The instrument comes with a low action but we can set it up to match your playing style and needs. Not only is the bridge height adjustable but there’s a truss rod in the neck so you can set it up for your favorite neck curvature. Cool. This allows every player to set the bass up to their needs in a few minutes. 

It comes with a padded gigbag that will hold the bass and the tripod

NS Design WAV4 Double Bass Amberburst Gloss

Availability: green

Body: Maple
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Coform™. Asymmetric relief for easy playability in every position. Intonation referenced with cascading dot markers.
Pick up system: The Polar piezo pickup system responds selectively to either vertical vibration (for the sustained plucked sound, like an electric bass guitar), or lateral vibration (for dynamic bowing, and a percussive plucked sound).
Preamp: Passive circuit with high impedance output, no batteries required.
Controls: Volume control, tone control (treble roll off) and a switch to select between Arco and Pizzicato mode.
Scale: 106 cm (41.73")
Strings: Electric Upright Strings. Compatible with most standard ¾ size double bass strings.
Stand: Tripod Stand
Gigbag: Included
Other: Adjustable bridge and truss rod
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NS Design WAV4 Double Bass Amberburst Gloss