• GR Bass Dual Preamp

Two channel preamp that works perfectly both for electric bass or double bass with any sort of pickup installed.

Of course it is made with the same top quality as the rest of GR Bass products. Handmade in Italy and full of really useful features.

Basically you have to almost identical channels and you can really benefit from many differnt uses. Here are some examples:

- Use just one bass or double bass and switch from Channel 1 to Channel 2 for a different EQ or volume

- Set Channel 1 as the Clean Channel and Channel 2 as Overdrive (excellent, by the way) and just swtich between them or combine them at the same time

- Use two different basses (fretted/fretless, vintage 4/modern 5, for instance) and set the right volume and tone for each

- Use a Double Bass on Channel 1 (the input works perfectly with high impedance piezo pickups) and Channel 2 for Electric bass, adding Overdirve on Electric at your will

- Use two different pickups on a Double bass (piezo on Channel 1, magnetic or LARS contact microphone on Channel 2) and swtich between them or combine them for the best possible sound. Cool.

The EQ section on both channels is really versatile: you get 4 bands with selectable Low Mid and High Mid frequencies plus Deep and Bright switches.

The onboard tuner also mutes the output and is selected by pressing any of the Channel footswtiches for 2 seconds. You also get swtiches for the Overdirve and Compressor section.

The Overdrive includes 2 modes, Blend and Drive controls as well as a HPF filter for extreme overdirve.

The Compressor includes Tbhershold, 3 selectable ratios, 2 Release options and a compensation Volume. Cool.

There's of course an output to connect your power amp or head to as well as a parallel output. There's also an FX loop to insert effects into the Dual Pre.

Unlile most two channel preamps in the market, the GR Bass Dual Pre actually sports 2 different XLR outputs that can be set to send Channel 1 and 2 to two different channels in the mixing desk. If you use an instrument with two pickups and want to send a mono mix to the P.A. there's a swtich for that. Nothing has been left behind in this unit as you can see.

There's an Aux 1/8" jack input as well as headphones output (in this case with Volume, Bass and treble Controls). How cool is that?

To sum up: an incredibly well designed and built 2 channel preamp that will let you do things no other preamp can.

Order one today and you won't regret it. We absolutely love it.


GR Bass Dual Preamp

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GR Bass Dual Preamp