• Lorita Majesty 5-24-33
  • Lorita Majesty 5-24-33

Xavier Lorita is a luthier based in Barcelona (Cataluña-Spain). In 2015 he has started a one man business but has been working full time as a bass luthier for more than 15 years now. He started working for a famous luthier and cut his teeth there learning the ins and outs of this beautiful job. After some moves he established on his own and is now 100% concentrated on developing a full line of handmade basses that carry his name "Lorita".

As you could expect, all his experience is obvious as soon as you play the first few notes on these basses. Xavi pays a lot of attention to wood selection, construction, finish as well as hardware and electronic selection. These basses may be relatively new in town but you can feel he's been playing this game for quite a while.

We always try to have a number of Lorita basses in stock for immediate delivery but if they are not your cup of tea or if you have a different idea about the specs just drop us a line at info@doctorbass.net and we'll be happy to discuss the details for a custom order with you and will guide you through the process.

Current lead times for a new Lorita basses are pretty long (he works on his own) so here's your chance to get one of these incredible basses immediately.

This model is named Majesty 5/24/33" and it was custom made for Tomás Merlo who is one of the top European players (also proficient on double bass and Chapman Stick). This is really special for us because we love Tomás music. We've been lucky enough to be able to get Tomas' own bass. Sure, it has been used for a couple of years but this is not your typical "used bass". Instead, for us this a "Bass used by" and this is a huge difference.

The first thing you'll notice is the cool Sunset Yellow Satin color. Now, if you were asked to try and imagine a yellow bass, we are sure youd come up with some funny and aggressive ideas but that's not the case at all here. There's something really organic to this bass and actually this sort of satil yellow reminds us of some sort of bird. Anyway, we just think it looks incredibly cool.

The body is made from European alder and in this case Tomás specified he wanted a really lightweigh bass. This one weighs in at just 3.86kg so mission accomplished! The neck is a single piece of flamed sycamore and apart from a dual action truss rod, there are Titanium bars inside to improve stabiloty. The fingerboard is made from first grade ebony top with MOP dot inlays as well as a matching headstock and blackhardware throughout. Every little bit counts here in order to come up with a gorgeous bass.

This model is aptly named 5/24/33 as it is a 5 string bass, has 24 frets and a 33" scale.

The slightly shorter scale makes playing this bass a breeze. This is also due to the 17mm bridge and 42mm nut. You get a full bodied sound as you'd get on a 34" scale bass but with the added benefit of being able to reach more notes or frets effortlessly.

Mandolin frets are used to improve playability and position shifts. Cool. All the hardware is Hipshot USA from the Vintage style bridge to the set of ultralite tuners. We just love this combination of precision and low weight. Strap buttons are Dunlop flush mount which add to the modern look of the instrument.

This is one of those cases where shape follows function. We mean that the Singlecut desing doesn't only look cool but it adds sustain, while the lower horn is a simply perfect leg rest while allowing for totally unrestricted access up to the 24th fret.

Pickups are Nordstrand Big Blades in 60's location and housed in an elegant ebony ramp that adds even more to the incredible playability. An excellent made in Germany Glokenklang preamp is used and this is a match made in heaven. You get three ultra musical and clean bands of EQ in active mode with the added bonus of the Treble control becoming a Passive Tone control in that mode. Really cool and versatile.

By the way, no tools are needed to access the battery or the electronics because a cool system with magnets is used. We love that. All the electronic cavity is perfectly covered in copper foil so operation is 100% noiseless.

As we said before, the sound is full and clear and even the low B sounds really focused and strong. In this case this bass comes with two nuts: one for BEADG tuning and another one for EADGC tuning (custom made in bronze for us). Both tunings work just fine. Just choose one when you buy this bass from us and we'll set it up for that tuning but you'll get the other nut in case you want to try the other tuning in the future.

The bass comes in a lightweight softcase that is as protective as a hardcase but can be carried as a backpack and is incredibly lightweight.

To sum up:  a top bass that plays in the same league as others costing 2-3 times more. It plays incredibly easy, is really comfortable and lightweight, sounds amazing and looks cool. Oh yes, and it beloged for 2 years to one of the most important names in the international bass scene today.


Lorita Majesty 5-24-33

Body: European Alder
Neck: Flamed sycamore
Fingerboard: Ebony 15" radius
Construction: Neck Thru
Frets: 24, mandolin type
Pickups: Nordstrand Big Singles in ebony ramp, 70's location
Electronics: Glockenklang Active-Passive
Controls: Volume, Balance, 3 band EQ
Weight: 3.86kg
Neck width at nut (mm): 42
String spacing at the bridge (mm): 17
Scale (inches): 33
More: Softcase included
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Lorita Majesty 5-24-33