• F Bass AC4 Fretless
  • F Bass AC4 Fretless

George Furlanetto founded F Bass in Canada back in 1978 and has been building amazing instruments ever since.

This impressive AC4 is the signature model for canadian bassist Alain Caron.

This model was developed in collaboration with Alain Caron over many years. The AC line was inspired by Alain's desire to have one bass that could do it all, having an extended range with easy access for soloing and being able to produce anything from acoustic to modern electric tones.

This wide variety of tonal possibilities is mainly due to the configuration of pickups and controls (and chambered Maple/Spruce body). As well as offering a "standard" magnetic tone, the piezo pickup and chambered body allows you access to acoustic tones, and the attack that an acoustic instrument offers. 

The two separate volumes allow you to blend the magnetic and piezo pickups in any amount of each, not limiting you to the fixed levels of a blend control. The passive tone control functions whether in passive or active mode enabling it to modify a different set of frequencies than the ones affected by the active tone controls. 

The asymmetrical neck and compound fingerboard radius (10"-16") combined with a neck that is just perfect in thickness (not too thick but also not too thin to prevent from hand cramping issues) make for an incredible playing experience.

This bass is the "King of Fretless" with a very "BIG" sound!

F Bass AC4 Fretless

Availability: green

Body: Mape, hollowed out
Top: Spruce
Neck: 3 piece Canadian maple
Construction: Bolt On
Frets: 28 (fretless)
Pickups: F Bass Magnetic (stacked) + RMC Piezo
Electronics: Active F Bass
Controls: Mag Volume, Piezo Volume, Tone, 3 band EQ
Weight: 3.8kg
Neck width at nut (mm): 42
String spacing at the bridge (mm): 18
Scale (inches): 34
More: High quality gigbag included
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6.000,00 €

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F Bass AC4 Fretless