• Warwick Terminator (made in Germany)
  • Warwick Terminator (made in Germany)

Warwick Terminator Cabinet

2x15” + 2x10” + 1”, 1000W, variable impedance

Tired of one or two cabinets that don’t deliver? Here’s the answer. The Terminator is actually two cabs in one. The bottom houses two 15” speakers mounted in band pass system and will handle 600W RMS @ 4/16Ω (selectable). The top part houses two 10” speakers + 1” horn, and will handle 400W RMS @ 8Ω. It can be used in a biamped arrangement with stereo heads, or in full range mode with a powerful mono amp, like the Warwick X-Treme 10.1, ProTune IX, etc.  It is lighter than it looks (130 lbs), and is also easy to carry around thanks to its integrated casters and an industrial strength grip bar.

Warwick Terminator (made in Germany)

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Warwick Terminator

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Warwick Terminator (made in Germany)