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Touch screen for easy navigation and programming

A 4” touch screen allows for an easy to read display and swift editing and programming of your tones. Find a tone that you don’t have on your unit? Simply add an IR (impulse response) for any amp or cab and simply load it up. 

Still questioning the quality of digital effects? 

Using the latest CDCM (Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modelling High Definition) and F.I.R.E (Field Impulse Response Enhancement). Extensively, this allows these amps and cabs to sound realistic and big – even going straight out from the pedal into a PA. Compared to the old Hotone Xtomp DSP, the Ampero is stated as 400% better giving organic tones never heard before from digital equipment. 

A vast palette of sounds literally at your finger tips

The Ampero hosts a massive array of effects with 244 to choose from, you will not feel limited. This includes 64 amp models, 60 cab simulations and over 100+ ‘legendary pedal models’. You also get the option to load your own impulse responses, making customisation near infinite. 

Punching above its price point

There is nothing sporting this feature set that is available at this price. Hotone have delivered a budget-friendly recording solution that sounds incredible. It can be adapted to be used with guitar, acoustic, bass, keyboards, drum machine’s…anything you use a jack lead with. This negates the use of loads of leads, expensive microphones and special recording spaces. You aren’t just buying a guitar processor, you get most of a studio. 

A tuner, a looper, a writing tool

120 sec looping with reverse and half speed functionality at the press of a button. If you’re a one-person band, the looper becomes a very convenient way of writing melodies and basslines over your initial loops. Once satisfied with your loop and if you are hooked up to your computer, you can easily store your ideas away for later use. 

Electrics, acoustic, Keyboards, what do you want to plug in? 

Well, it won’t struggle to process any of it. Selectable inputs which (unlike other modellers) keep acoustic guitars in mind. There is also acoustic emulation so even if you don’t have an acoustic guitar, you can still apply the sound of one to your performances or recordings.

Free Ampero software

The Ampero has incredible software that adds a multitude of different features. You can make and save custom presets and get a little deeper into editing our sounds - tailoring tone for you. 



  • Pedal Type: Multi-Effects
  • Number of Effects: 100+ (upto 9x simutaniously)
  • Amp Modelling: Yes
  • Modelling Engine: CDCM & F.I.R.E.
  • Number of Models:
    • 64 x Amp Models
    • 60 x Cabs
    • 242 x Effects
  • Display: 4" LCD


  • Analogue Inputs:
    • 1 x XLR (Mic)
    • One 1/4” Tip Sleeve (TS) Instrument jack, with three way input mode selection
    • 1 x 1/8" (Aux)
    • 4 x 1/4" (Ext Control)
  • Digital Inputs:
    • 1 x 5 pin MIDI 
  • Outputs:
    • 2 x 1/4" (Unbalanced stereo output jacks)
    • 2 x XLR (Balanced Stereo outputs)
  • Analogue Outputs:
    • 2 x XLR
    • 2 x 1/4"
    • 1 x 1/4" 
    • 4 x 1/4" 
  • MIDI I/O: Yes 
  • Computer Connectivity:


  • Height: 46mm
  • Width: 147mm
  • Length: 320mm
  • Weight: 1408g

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_PPuRWmwOM&feature=emb_logo


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