• GR BASS Dual 1400 Head Custom White Doctorbass
  • GR BASS Dual 1400 Head Custom White Doctorbass

GR Bass is a somewhat new name in high end bass amplification but we can say they are taking the world by the storm. These amps and cabs are made by Gianfranco Rizzi at his shop in Bari, Italy.

Being a very small factory enables the builder to select the best parts and make quick production changes if needed. This is a major advantage compared to medium to large size factories.

GR Bass amps are made following three principles: best quality, lowest weight and unbeatable value for money. This is a winning combination.

Proof that this brand is ready to make quick changes is the fact that you can order any of their heads, combos or cabinets in custom finish. This includes lots of different colors for the tolex, grille, or even the amp's chassis which can be painted or can sport a logo or any special design. How cool is that!!

GR Bass Dual 1400 head

The Gr Dual is a head created for the modern and demanding bass player with a flexibility never seen before on a bass amplifier. The Dual features two separate channels, one of which is completed by a professional overdrive for slight saturations or massive distorsions.
Each channel is provided with a 4 band eq with 6 selectable frequencies on the mids, deep and bright filters.
The Gr Dual offers the possibility to connect two instruments (two bass or one bass and one keyboard) but also one instrument with the possibility of using the two equalizations alternatively or simultaneously.
The system is completed by two D.I. on the back to send two separate signals even when using only one instrument that mixes the two equalizations (for example, you can mix a clean and a distorted sound in your cabinet and send the two signals separately to the sound engineer).
The Gr Dual is completed by a dedicated pedalboard that allows you to comfortably manage all the functions as an alternative to the controls on the head.

Regarding the custom finish, as you can see in the pictures we chose a cool white chassis with our own logo aon top of it. We love it. Of course you can purchase this head right away or you can contact us and order a custom one to suit your tastes.


GR BASS Dual 1400 Head Custom White Doctorbass

Power: 1400W
Min Impedance: 2 Ohms
Preamp: Solid State
Power amp: Class D
EQ: 4 band + 6 mid frequencies + Deep & Bright
DI: 2 Balanced (one per channel)
Voltage: 115-230 Volts
Weight: 3.5kg
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GR BASS Dual 1400 Head Custom White Doctorbass