• Phil Jones Bass Session 77


Phil Jones is a professional audio engineer and bass player who has been in business for over 4 decades now. He noticed that traditional bass amplifiers were built on old principles but these were not really effective. Being a world class HiFi speaker designer himself, he started PJB with the intention of applying the same technology and design that was used in that exclusive HiFi speaker world to produce bass amps that would be effective, affordable and reliable.


From the beginning, PJB's most innovative feature was the use of small speakers proving that, if done right, these are far more effective than larger ones. Of course a lot of research went into this and multiple tests were performed to check the beaviour of the speakers, the use of PWM amplifiers and specially designed cabinets.


All PJB amps produce a clear and undistorted sound as well as a very deep and focused low end that is usually hard to belive it comes form such a small amp.

This is the Session 77 combo and it is the most affordable model within the PJB family and it is the perfect combo for mid volume situations if you are on a bidget.

Here is PJB's description:

The Session 77 is remarkably affordable 100W bass combo from PJB new in 2016.

By using all digital circuitry, the amp will work on any AC voltage from 100 to 260 Volts without a voltage selector. It features a single channel pre amp with a 3-band EQ. It also has a separate auxiliary input for backing tracks.

The combination of the two proprietary 7 inch speakers and a 2 inch tweeter gives full range reproduction of all basses with stellar clarity. The Session 77 is the result of our effort to build a budget conscious amp without giving up our quest for quality. Focusing on the most basic needs of most bass players, we achieved the goal of having the best sounding, most reliable amp at an unbeatable price.

Phil Jones Bass Session 77

Power: 100W
Speakers: 2 x 7 Propietary PJB woofer + 3 Tweeter
Preamp: Solid State
EQ: 3 band
DI: Yes, unbalanced
Other connectors: Line-Out, Headphone-Out
Voltage: 100/240V AC
Weight: 28 lbs / 12 Kg
Ext Speaker output: No
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Phil Jones Bass Session 77