• Warwick WCA 408 LW

We just love this ultra affordable series of amps and cabinets from Warwick Bass Amplification. Amazing vaue for money. This cab acutally sounds as good as other similar cabs that cost 3-4 times more. 

This is the Lightweight 4x8" cab and compared to a 4x10", this cabinet doesn't sound too different and it is of course much easier to carry around.

Sounds great on its own and will deliver the goods in most situations like rehearsals and small-medium venues. Add one more WCA 408 LW and you'll get a very affodable splittable stack that is just unbeatable

Deep lows, perfectly balanced mids and smooth and detailed top end is what you get from this cool cabinet.

Warwick WCA 408 LW

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Speakers: 8"x 4 + High Freq horn
Power handling: 400W
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Frequency response: 70Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity: 94 dB's
Porting: Yes, front
Tweeter control: Yes
Weight: 25 kg

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Warwick WCA 408 LW