• Aguilar AG700

The Aguilar AG 700 Bass Amplifier Head features a power rating of 700W at 4 Ohms through a solid-state preamp. This amplifier head is equipped with a 1/4" input jack, and effects loop and a balanced XLR output. The AG 700 has the clarity, dynamic range and transient response of the AG 500 with a bigger low-end and high headroom. Containing a highly flexible EQ section, the AG 700 features controls for Treble, High Mid, Low Mid and Bass along with Deep and Bright EQ switches for a broadband boost. 

Made in the USA

Aguilar AG700

Power: 700W a t4 Ohms
Min Impedance: 4 Ohms
Preamp: Solid State
Power amp: Class D
EQ: 3 band + Bass and Treble Boost switches
DI: Yes, Balanced. Pre/post and Groudn Lift selectable
Other connections: FX Send & Return
Weight: 2.2kg
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Aguilar AG700