• Trace Elliot Transit B

The brand new Transit B from Trace Elliot is a true Swiss Army's knife for bassplayers as it puts all the essential needs at your feet in a compact and ultra lightweight unit.

It is a preamp that you can use before your amp, go direct to desk or both things at the same time. Features at a glance:

- Chromatic Tuner (mutes output). Sensible and easy to read. Works fine with the low B 

- Dual Band Compressor taken from Trace Elliot's great pedal from the 90's. It allows you to set a different compression for the low and high frequencies. Very smart.

- 5 band EQ especially made for bassguitar. You can select Pre or Post Compressor modes.

- Drive circuit with Gain and Blend. Perfect for mild clipping or plain overdrive. Very musical. que permite ir desde una suave saturación hasta una mucho más potente, pudiendo controlar la cantidad de ganancia y el volumen

- PreShape: kicks in T.E.'s trademark fixed EQ curve that softens the midrange while boosting bass and treble.

- Input and output controls

- Active-Passive switch

- Bass Enhancer switch for extra harmonics

- Aux in and Phones Out

- Dual line outs (one dry, one processed)

- Dual balanced XLR outs (Pre and Post EQ)

Trace Elliot Transit B

Trace Elliot Transit B