• Warwick Corvette $$ SE Green Dragon 5

100% made in Germany Warwick bass --Special Edition--

This is a Corvette $$ model, the most versatile from this great German brand.

The "Dragon" is a Limited Edition Series that was released by Warwick and consisted of a small amount of 4 and 5 string basses that were made using special woods, top drawer components and special finishes. This is a collector's bass that will hold its value for a long time plus you are buying it with a really nice discount.

This particular bass belongs in the GREEN DRAGON series and is the 5 string version.

The Corvette design is probaby the best of all Warwick basses because of the extra long upper horn. This makes for a perfectly balanced bass both with a strap and without it. Also this design places the neck in the correct location, meaning you don't have to stretch out at all to reach the first frets. Other body designs and/or shorter top horns move the neck away from you, making it so much hard to play in the first positions, and that's where we play most of the time after all.

The neck is really solid and stable and it has the classic Warwick oil finish which makes it a joy to play. The tigersripe ebony fingerboard is just perfect and is also a pleasure for your fingers.

Warwick's frets are made from the same material as German church bells so you can expect perfect sustain and resonance as well as extra life from them.

Sustain in this bass seems to be endless indeed. This is also thanks to the great tailpiece/bridge combination which allows the strings to have the perfect break angle at the bridge. Of course you can adjust the bridge in all directions: overall and individual height, intonation, string spacing, etc.

Small details such as pickup height have been redisgned and improved using metal inserts for the screws in the body of the bass meaning you can set the correct pickup height effortlessly. Cool.

Of course there's a two way truss rod so you can tweak the neck yo suit your climate and/or playing style. The truss rod can be accessed easily.

Also electronics are easily serviced. No tool is needed to access the battery which by the way is found inside an ultra clean electronics area. Just use your fingernails fo open the rear electronics plate. Cool. Conductive paint is used thoughout and just the right amount of wire and top notch parts. We love it.

Warwick's trademark headstock is also ergonomic. All tuners are placed for the player to reach them easily. The adjustable nut (a classic feature from Warwick) is the final touch on a perfectly designed bass.

German made MEC electronics are used. The term here would be ultra quiet and effective. You get Volume, Balance, Bass and Treble. Of course you also get Passive mode by pulling the Volume pot.

Two Humbucker pickups allow for Single Coil/Parallel/Series mode using the two 3 way mini switches (one for each pickup). The amount of perfect tones here is simply amazing. Just by using the Balance pot and these two mini switches you get a lot of top class tones that will have you covered regardless the style of music you play.

The Low B string in this bass is simply perfect. Loud, clear and in perfect harmony with the other 4 strings. This is something you don't find in all 5 string basses, by the way.


These are the special appointments that make this GREEN DRAGON 5 bass special:

- American ash body

- Ovangkol neck

- Tigerstripe ebony fingerboard

- Aerographed by hand

- Green Dragon inlay at 12th fret

- Black hardarware

This instrument comes with a Premium Line RockBag gigbag plus all the tools you need to set up the bass as well as straplocks.

Warwick Corvette $$ SE Green Dragon 5

Body: American Ash
Neck: Ovangkol
Fingerboard: Tigerstripe ebony
Construction: Bolt On
Frets: 24
Pickups: MEC MM Alnico x2
Electronics: MEC Active-Passive
Controls: Volume, Balance, Bass, Treble Series-Parallel-Single Switch x2 Made in Germany. Includes Premium g
Weight: 4.38kg
Neck width at nut (mm): 45
String spacing at the bridge (mm): 16
Scale (inches): 34
More: Made in Germany. Includes Premium gigbag and tools
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Warwick Corvette $$ SE Green Dragon 5