Great multi purpose combo amp.

Two Mono channels  and one Stereo Channel. Plug a bass into Channel 1, a guitar into Channel 2 (there's a built in Distortion circuit on that channel) and a keyboard, computer or mp3 player on channel 3/4. Individual phone outputs with dedicated Volume controls.

Great for jamming along with friends, teacher/student sessions, as well as of course as a standard bass amp using just channel 1 (great bass sound indeed).


Eden EM275

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Power: 2x75W
Speakers: 2x10" (coaxial)
Preamp: Solid State, 3 channel
Power Amp: Solid State
EQ: 3 Band with sweepable mids on channel 1 & 2
Other controls: Distortion on channel 2
Other connectors: Phones out x3, Aux Input
Weight: 68.3 lbs / 31 kgs

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Eden EM275