EICH Amplification is the new brand name for the same products that were until now known as TecAmp. Same quality, same models, same ultra low weight, 100% made in Germany. Just a new brand name and some small refinements on the producs. Oh yes, same price too...

The man behind this brand is Thomas Eich and he's been developing class D amps and ultralightweight cabs for more years than any others. All that experience has served him to create what are probably the best lightweight amps and cabinets in the market. ¡We love them!

We all like carrying small and light cabinets but the truth is that many of these really don't deliver when it comes to a real life situation. We hate the feeling of coming home after a gig feeling frustrated for taking an amp that just was not up to the requirements. Well, none of that will happen if you take an EICH Amplification cabinet.

Lightweight ultra effective ceramic speakers are used int he whole range. These are superior to most any other speaker out there. Sensitivity is probably the most important spec in a speaker but this gets sort of hidden in the spec sheet as many brands use cheap speakers. A more sensitive speaker will get more excited under a given power load compared to a lesser speaker. This means that you will get more effective loudness without having to turn your amp up. 

Equally important is the wood material for the cabinet and the way it is built. Cabinet building is an art as it must be strong enough to reduce vibrations as well as being lightweight. Well, that's what you get with these cabinets.

This is the 112XS cab and it sports a ceramic 12" speaker for the low and mids and a 4" speaker (rather than a tweeter) for the high frequencies. This 4" speaker sounds far more natural than any tweeter and it can be set at full volume, half volume or Off. Cool!

There's a reflex port at the back and a clever system to slant the cab towards you. This means you can keep the cab on the floor (which is where it should always be so that no low end is lost) and hear the mids and highs effectively even if you have to stand next to the cab in a tiny speaker.

Sure, there are lots of 12" cabs for bass out there but none of them sound like this and are so easy to move around. When yo combine excellent portability with natural sound and lots of power handling and pressure, you have a winner product.

All EICH cabs are available at 4 or 8 Ohm ratings. This is the 8 Ohm version.

Optional cover available.




EICH Amplification 112XS 8 Ohms

Speakers: Ceramic 12" + 4"
Power handling: 300W
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Frequency response: 40-19.000 Hz
Sensitivity: 99 dB
Porting: Yes, Read
Tweeter control: Off, 50%, 100%
Weight: 12.3kg
Other: 45 monitoring position steel pin
Country of origin: Germany
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EICH Amplification 112XS 8 Ohms