• EICH Amplification T900 Black Edition-5 Meg Ohm Input Stage-

EICH Amplification is the new brand name for the same products that were until now known as TecAmp. Same quality, same models, same ultra low weight, 100% made in Germany. Just a new brand name and some small refinements on the producs. Oh yes, same price too...

There are lot of Class D amps in the market but we really believe these are the best among them. Some Class D amps sound thin and sterile and also seem to be lacking power compared to other similarly rated amps with a different technology. Well, none of these things happen here. You get a really flat and uncoloured sound that's full and strong. The man behind this brand is Thomas Eich and he's been developing class D amps and ultralightweight cabs for more years than any others. All that experience has served him to create what are probably the best lightweight amps and cabinets in the market. ¡We love them!

This is the T900 head. It puts out 900W real Watts in a small package that's also ultra lightweight (less than 2kg). Controls are pretty straightforward and also very effective: 4 band EQ plus Taste Control. This cool control lets you dial in a really flat sound (in the middle) or lean towards a full bodied vintage tone (Rich) or a more focused and less boomy sound that's perfect for venues with complicated acoustics (Dry).

Many players say they prefer a "flat" sound and set the EQ in their amps flat, but if you test 5 different amps and set them flat, you'll hear 5 distinct sounds. The reason for this is that every manufacturer have their own idea of what a flat sounding amp is... Well, with EICH Amplification you really get the real sound of your bass, nothing more, nothing less. Chances are you will probably hear nuances and details you never heard from your instrument before. Of course you can then use the extremely musical EQ to get the sound you need for a particular band, gig or venue.

Class D has some extra advantages such as the possibility of using your amp without a cab, so you can use this head as a preamp live or in the studio too if you don't need a cabinet. You can of course use it as a great heaphone amp and use the stereo Aux in to play along an external source.

As soon as you plug this head into a good cabinet you realize that the low weight of this amp is just part of the good news. The best part is the great sound that this amp produces. Floor noise is ridiculously low (lower than most any amp we've ever tested). Regarding power, we just cannot thik of a situation where you will be needing more. There are 300W and 500W versions of this head in case you need different power rating.



Special 5 Mega Ohm input version for double bass, acoustic bass and piezo loaded electric basses, as well as regular electric basses.


If you try to use a reguarl bass amp with your double bass you have probably experienced a bass weak tone that's actually a bit too harsh. There's nothing wrong with the pickup though. The real problem is the impedance mismatch. Piezo pickups are high impedance (3 Mega Ohm and more) but most amps won't take that (1 Mega Ohm maximum). Until now the only way to solve this problem was to use an external preamp but apart from the extra cost, this is not always convenient. One of the best things of bening specialists and working directly with small factories is that we can try and come with solutions to common problems. We contacted Thomas Eich and asked him if he would build for us a special 5 Mega Ohm version of the popular EICH T300 head. This is it and we are glad to report it really works. You get a much more full bodied sound from your double bass. The best part is that this cool mod does not add any extra cost to the amp and of course it sounds just great with electric bass too




EICH Amplification T900 Black Edition-5 Meg Ohm Input Stage-

EICH Amplification T900

Power: 900W
Min Impedance: 4 Ohms
Preamp: Solid State
Power amp: Class D
EQ: 4 band
Other controls: Taste control
DI: Yes, Balanced. Pre-Post EQ
Other connections: Aux In, Phones Out, Line Out, Tuner Out, Send, Return
Weight: 1.70kg
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EICH Amplification T900 Black Edition-5 Meg Ohm Input Stage-