• Lorita Fantone Red MM
  • Lorita Fantone Red MM

Xavier Lorita is a luthier based in Barcelona (Cataluña-Spain). In 2015 he has started a one man business but has been working full time as a bass luthier for more than 15 years now. He started working for a famous luthier and cut his teeth there learning the ins and outs of this beautiful job. After some moves he established on his own and is now 100% concentrated on developing a full line of handmade basses that carry his name "Lorita".

As you could expect, all his experience is obvious as soon as you play the first few notes on these basses. Xavi pays a lot of attention to wood selection, construction, finish as well as hardware and electronic selection. These basses may be relatively new in town but you can feel he's been playing this game for quite a while.

We always try to have a number of Lorita basses in stock for immediate delivery but if they are not your cup of tea or if you have a different idea about the specs just drop us a line at info@doctorbass.net and we'll be happy to discuss the details for a custom order with you and will guide you through the process.

Current lead times for a new Lorita basses are pretty long (he works on his own) so here's your chance to get one of these incredible basses immediately.


This bass is named Fantone and as you can see it is loosely based on a classic design. Actually the idea behind this model was to get the trademark Stingray tone but in a lightweight insrument. The basic recipe for this is a swamp ash body and a bolt on maple neck which coupled with a powerful Delano MM pickup, and it simply works. The response is fast and alive. So much indeed that even fingerstyle sounds similar so slapping. Of course the slap tone is awesome. The excellent Glockenklang 2 band preamp proves to be all you might ever need. There's even a Passive Tone Control, which works both in Active and Passive mode so you can get a cool Musicman sound but at the same time you can control some of the treble in the traditional tone roll off manner. Cool!

The low B string is remarkably good on this one. Loud, tight and with perfect definition in all the notes down to the open low B. 


Lorita Fantone Red MM

Body: Ash
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Construction: Bolt On
Frets: 22
Pickups: Delano MM
Electronics: Active-Passive Glockenklag
Controls: Volume, Tone, Bass, Treble
Weight: 4.25kg
Neck width at nut (mm): 43
String spacing at the bridge (mm): 18
Scale (inches): 34
More: Push-Pull Volume for Active-Passive
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Lorita Fantone Red MM