We sincerely believe these are the best strings in the world. Fodera make some of the best bass guitars so when they wanted to release their own strings they didn't just go to a major string manufacturer and asked them to put their label on a standard set. Instead they went to a small shop in the State of New York and worked with them to develop an exceptional string.

 What you get is the best feel, sound and tuning we've ever experienced.

These strings also last for a long time without any "coating" treatment that always makes an impact in the sound and feel of the string. 

Top quality strings with a really affordable price tag. Do yourself a favor and order your favourite set from us today. You won't regret it.

Fodera Strings 6 Nickel 34-130T XL

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Fodera Nickel 34-130T XL

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Fodera Strings 6 Nickel 34-130T XL