• Marleaux Votan Special Edition Doctorbass 5 Serial #289
  • Marleaux Votan Special Edition Doctorbass 5 Serial #289

We have been dealers for Marleaux basses for years. This has allowed us to check the amazing quality of these 100% handmade basses time after time. Dozens of wonderful instruments prove that the German master is right.

The value for money is simply unbelievable, comparing to basses costing 2-3 times more. There's simply nothing in the market with this quality within this price range but we are perfectly conscious that not everyone can afford to spend 4.000 Euros or more on a new bass so we sat with Gerald Marleaux to see if it would be possible to build a more affordable Marleaux bass that didn't miss any of the essential features.

It was not easy, but finally those basses saw the light in the form of the Marleaux CONSAT Special Edition Doctorbass line of basses, made exclusively for us.

It was really important that none of these aspects would suffer any cut:

√ Wood selection

√ Hardware

√ Pickups

√ Electronics

√ Ergonomics and comfort

√ And of course, be 100% handmade by Gerald Marleaux himself at his shop in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany.

This first series of exclusive Marleaux basses has proven to be enourmously successful and these are best sellers now so we thought the time had arrived for a new model within that family. Please welcome the Marleaux VOTAN Special Edition Doctorbass

Well, we are happy to report that this Marleaux Special Edition Doctorbass series matches all of the above. By removing the exotic top and matching headstock and keeping the options down to a minimum (4 and 5 string fretted, just one colour) we have been able to release this amazing line of basses.

This new series is made from the same basic idea: offer the same ergonomics, performance and sound of the Marleaux Custom series but at a fraction of the price. If you don't need a fancy bass with an exotic top or some other aesthetic goodies, you have to check this new series.

There's absolutely no difference in weight, feel, playability, sound or dynamics compared to the Custom basses by Marleaux so if you don't need a bass, with custom specs (scale, dimensions, electronics), then the Marleaux Special Edition Doctorbass is for you.

The VOTAN model as you can see has a more traditional look and feel to it. It is based on a classic design but with some modern appointments. Ergonomics are improved, the bass is light and well balanced and the neck is just perfect in dimensions.

Regarding the electronics, we went for a set of custom wound Häussel single coil pickups that caputure that trademark sound from vintage instruments but without the added noise and improved string to string balance. In passive mode this bass sounds really old school (we love it), but switch to Active and you'll get one of the best Super Jazz Bass type of sounds. The default mode is actually Passive and you get Volume, Balance and Passive Tone. Pull the Volume pot to enter Active Mode and you'll get access to the excellent 2 band EQ (boost/cut). This is one of the most musical EQ's we've ever heard as well as completely noise free.

This is the 5 string model. It is feather light, allows for an ultra low action and sounds amazing. Responsive, dynamic, clear and full bodied. Any technique you may think of this bass will deliver with ease. The low B is susprisingly loud and clear and this is a 34" scale bass so you don't have to stretch your hand at all. Getting a true Jazz Bass sound from a 5 string bass is no easy task as you know, so we are really please to report that this one delivers!


PLEASE NOTE: a combination of dark brown finish on the body and maple fingerboard are not easy to capture on a photograph faithfully, so we have added two extra pics that are more realistic. This is what the bass looks like actually.

Marleaux Votan Special Edition Doctorbass 5 Serial #289

Marleaux Votan Special Edition Doctorbass 5 Serial #1761

Body: Dibetou
Neck: Hardrock maple
Fingerboard: Maple
Construction: Bolt On
Frets: 22
Pickups: Häussel Single Coil x2
Electronics: Active-Passive Marleaux
Controls: Volume, Balance, Tone (Passive mode) plus Bass and Treble (Active mode)
Weight: 4kg
Neck width at nut (mm): 44
String spacing at the bridge (mm): 18
Scale (inches): 34
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Marleaux Votan Special Edition Doctorbass 5 Serial #289