Xavier Lorita is a luthier based in Barcelona (Cataluña-Spain). In 2015 he has started a one man business but has been working full time as a bass luthier for around 15 years now. He started working for a famous luthier and cut his teeth there learning the ins and outs of this beautiful job. After some recent moves he has established on his own and is now 100% concentrated on developing a full line of handmade basses that carry his name "Lorita".

As you could expect, all this experience is obvious as soon as you play the first few notes on these basses. Xavi has paid a lot of attention to wood selection, construction, finish as well as hardware and electronic selection. These basses may be new in town but you can feel he's been playing this game for a while.

There are several basic models that can be used as a starting point to have your dream bass built for you. Of course at Doctorbass.net we always have a number of Lorita basses in stock for immediate delivery but if they are not your cup of tea or if you have a different idea about the specs just drop us a line at info@doctorbass.net and we'll be happy to discuss the details for a custom order with you and will guide you through the process.

This particular bass is Andrés Rotmistrovsky's signature bass.

Andrés is an Argentina born, New York based bassplayer that got his degree at Berklee years ago. We strongly recommend that you surf the Internet searchign for his music and videos. Andrés is a very active player who is always touring and recording. When he is not he is giving bass lessons through Skype or recording awesome videos with equally awesome singers at home. He does get sleep from time to time. Seriously now, check him out!!!

When he approached Lorita he explained his need for an ultra lightweight instrument that he could easily travel worldwide with and that would also work as his perfect tool for his creative mind. After having owned a good number of different basses he knew he wanted a semihollow design for the low weight and also because that would surely add to the sound. An RMC piezo loaded bridge further accentuates the acoustic character of this beautiful instrument.

Other features are 33" scale, EADGC tuning, mandolin frets and a ramp between the pickups.

The result is the bass you see here: incredibly lightweight, comfortable, beautiful and expressive with a beautiful acoustic tone that's perfect for chord and solo work but also equally good for normal basslines and band playing.



We'd like to stress the fact that the introductory price of these basses is really bellow their quality. These are 100% handmade basses that are built with loving care using the best materials. Order your Lorita bass from us before the prices go up (and they will).


Lorita Andrés Rotmistrovsky Signature

Body: 3 piece Spanish cedar
Top: Sitka spruce
Neck: 1 piece hardrock maple and 2 pieces of hard ash with wenge stripes
Fingerboard: Ebony with pau ferro block inlays
Construction: Set in
Frets: 24, mandolin type
Pickups: Lorita custom Split Coil x2 + RMC Piezo bridge
Electronics: Passive (buffer for the piezo)
Controls: Individual Volume pots for magnetic front and rear pickups as well as the piezo. Passive Tone
Weight: 3.3kg
Neck width at nut (mm): 42
String spacing at the bridge (mm): 19
Scale (inches): 33
More: Lightweight softcase included. Base Price: 3700€ Extra Piezo: 625€
We are sorry, this product is not part of our stock right now. If you want to order the same or a similar product please contact us and we'll be happy to help

Lorita Andrés Rotmistrovsky Signature