If you are looking for a classic and traditional bass that offers the best in ergonomics and pulls a wide array of classic sounds in a no frills package, this is it. The Fender Standard series instruments are made at the Fender factory in Ensenada, Mexico. We are glad to report that these basses are getting better every year. If you want a Fender and you are on a budget, the American Standard offers a lot of bas for very little money.

This is the Standard Jazz Bass and gives you all that you might expect and more: Time tested ergonomics (no need to stretch to reach the first fret), classic sounds that will fit right into a myriad of styles and also dependability (no active circuit or strange parts that are hard to service/replace).

The alder body and maple neck with maple fingerboard is the perfect combination for an open and resonant sound. Add to that a bolt on neck, true single coil pickups placed in the correct location and you'll get just about all the sounds you'd ever need.

The modern C shaped neck and 38mm nut make playing this bass a breeze.

To sum up: a bass that won't break your wallet but will give you a lot of great classic sounds and an amazing performance for years.

Fender Standard Jazz Bass Antique White

Body: Alder
Neck: Modern C shaped maple
Fingerboard: Maple
Construction: Bolt On
Frets: 20
Pickups: Fender standard J-Bass single coil pickup x2
Electronics: Passive
Controls: Volume, Volume, Tone
Weight: 4.05kg
Neck width at nut (mm): 38
String spacing at the bridge (mm): 19
Scale (inches): 34
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Fender Standard Jazz Bass Antique White