• Markbass Mini CMD121P

This tiny and light bass combo is the best seller in its class and it is easy to understand why this is so: you get a lot of power and low end from a amp that weighs in at a mere 13.3kg.

You get 500W using an external 8 Ohm speaker. On its own it delivers 300W that will have you covered in most situations. There's extensive tonal shaping tools with the 4 band EQ and VLP & VPF filters.

It works great with double bass too!

Markbass Mini CMD121P

Power: 500W at 4 Ohms
Speakers: 12" Neodymium + Tweeter
Preamp: Solid State
Power Amp: Class D
EQ: 4 band
Other controls: VF and VLF filters for Mid and Treble control
DI: Yes, Balanced
Weight: 13.3kg
Ext Speaker output: Yes, 8 Ohms
Country of origin: Italy
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Markbass Mini CMD121P