• Ibanez Promethean P3110

The Ibanez Promethean P3110 is a truly amazing amp. It delivers 300W (with an external 8 Ohm cab) in a tiny and lightweight package that actually sounds really good. 3 band EQ plus Phat control (for a scooped tone). The switchable Limiter is really handy to protect the coaxial 10" speaker. You can swith the tweeter off for a more traditional tone. Amazing value.

Ibanez Promethean P3110

Power: 300W
Speakers: 10" coaxial
Power Amp: Class D
EQ: 3 band
Other controls: Limiter, Phat Control
DI: Yes, Balanced
Other connectors: Aux Input, Headphone out
Weight: 12kg
Ext Speaker output: Yes, 8 Ohm Mon
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Ibanez Promethean P3110