The Elwood model is a best seller within the Maruszczyk family and it is easy to see why. the classic design and ergonomics make it feel like home as soon as you play it. This model in particular sports a 24 fret bolt on neck with a maple fingerboard, and this is a perfect recipe for a deep and clear tone that will easily cut through any wall of guitars or heavy drums.

This bass comes with a set of Delano pickups and Glockenklang preamp. These German made parts make it possible for the bass to sound fantastic. In passive mode you get an old school J sound, while active mode allows you to dial a more percussive and punchy type of sound with that typical 70's J type of tone to it. We love it. The Treble pot acts as a Passive Tone control in Passive mode, avoiding the need for stacked or extra pots.

The low B is strong and the bass mid-low weight will allow you to wear it in long sessions with no shoulder or back pain.

What's really interesting about Maruszczyk basses is that you get a bass with an excellent value for money (nobody is offering this quality for this price, honest) and you can also decide the specs of your personal bass, just like any other Custom Shop bass but with a really short build up time of just 8 weeks and an amazingly low price tag. There's no upcharge for the custom process (the final price of course depends on the specs themselves), and this also sets Maruszczyk basses apart from the rest.

The ordering method is simple and fast (again different to almost any other Custom Shop process): contact us and let us guide you through the different models, options and specs. We'll get back to you in 1-2 days with a price quote including shipping. Once we get your deposit (30%) we'll start the process and you will get your custom bass in 8-9 weeks.

 We always have a number of excellent Maruszczyk basses in stock at all times at the shop for immediate shipping so if you don't want (or cannot) wait, just choose one of these and you'll get it in the next day or days (depending on where you are based). Our selection of in stock Maruszczyk basses is based on the most popular models with the specs we think are better suited for each one of these models.

Maruszczyk Elwood 5-24 Redburst

Body: Ash
Neck: Hardrock maple
Fingerboard: Maple
Construction: Bolt On
Frets: 24
Pickups: Delano Single Coil x2
Electronics: Glockenklang Active-Passive
Controls: Volume, Balance, Bass, Treble
Weight: 4.45kg
String spacing at the bridge (mm): 19
Scale (inches): 34
We are sorry, this product is not part of our stock right now. If you want to order the same or a similar product please contact us and we'll be happy to help

Maruszczyk Elwood 5-24 Redburst