• TC Electronic BG250-115
  • TC Electronic BG250-115

This lightweight and easy to move combo comes loaded with more features than any others and it sounds great too. Nobody packs more features into their combos than TC in the BG250 series. 250W, tuner, intelligent EQ (acts over different frequencies depending if you are boosting or cutting that band), Stereo aux input and the best sounding Phones out we've heard on any amp, speaker free operation for late night recording sessions, great sounding balanced DI out and above all the use of TC's Tone Print that allows you to choose your favourite effect from TC's vast library and download it to your amp via USB or using your smartphone and the free App, all of it 100% free of charge.

Get the optional Switch 3 pedal and choose between your two favourite effects apart from Mute.


TC Electronic BG250-115

TC Electronic BG250-115 MkII

Power: 250W
Speakers: 15"x2 + Custom piezo Tweeter
Preamp: Solid State. Tone Print
Power Amp: Class D
EQ: 3 band, acting over different frequencies when boosting or cutting
Other controls: Tone Print A & B, Mute
DI: Yes, Balanced, Pre-Post EQ
Other connectors: Aux in, Headphones Out, USB, Pedal (Switch 3, optional)
Voltage: 100 to 240 Volts, no need to set it.
Weight: 39 lbs. / 17.7 kg
Ext Speaker output: No
More: Active-Passive Switch, Tuner (works all the time, works with 4, 5 & 6 string basses)
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TC Electronic BG250-115