This Ibanez BTB675 is a solid and well designed bass. 5 piece maple/bubinga neck and thru the body construction ensure stability. Extended cutaways make it possible to reach the 24th fret with ease and the long upper horn provides with excellent balance.

The 35" scale is responsable for a great low B. Bartolini Mk2 Quad Coil pickups behave beautifully and have a very distinct tone: the neck pickup is warm and woody while the bridge pickup is aggresive and incisive. Mix them and you'll get a great all round tone.

A beautiful walnut top and oil fiish complete this package.

Ibanez BTB 675 NTF

Ibanez BTB 675

Body: Swamp ash
Top: Walnut
Neck: 5 piece maple/bubinga
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Construction: Neck Thru
Frets: 24
Pickups: Bartolini Mk2 Quad Coil x2
Electronics: Active
Controls: Volume, Balance, 3 band EQ, 250-600Hz Mid freq selector
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Ibanez BTB 675 NTF